Saturday, November 22

ErgoHold Universal Media and Reading Stand

ASVS Products made this wonderful Tablet, Book, and pretty much a stand worth holding anything you can fit and read on it! I love it because I can perfectly set my book on to it, without it falling down or slipping out. Many have no way to adjust it, but the ErgoHold is built to hold your item (not ruin it) by the adjustable supported bottom.

The back as a place to place to pull out helpful legs to keep hold
 of the ErgoHolder up right and the books you place on it.

Oddly, most book holders are just for books, but the ErgoHold Is for iPods, Tablets, books, cook books, and many more. You can even sketch on it or paint like if it was an Easel.  I love that it's versatile and not just for books because honestly no one just need a holder for books. Plus, it's easier to have something as portable and stores easily, verse multiple products that

up so much space and soon become junk in your house. 

The front comes down , giving you a ledge to place the book on top of

When I use the ErgoHold Universal Media and Reading Stand, I basically use it for all size books, When I'm trying to study, When I'm sketching some art work or for my tablet. I love it just because I can use it for all those things and its protecting them from falling off and keeping me from having to stand it up with a square pencil box or a lamp while at my desk.

The side has two adjustable holders which helps you hold your place of the book .
Really nice grip and won't leave marks when you turn
 the page or take it out of the ErgoHold Stand.

I truly love how easy and beneficial this is for me, and what makes it better is that it works for so much! I Can't deny my love for one item that helps with so much!  

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