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Dot&Dot Toiletry Bag/Hanging Toiletry Kit

I love Dot and Dot because they provide the most color-fullest and cutest bags that really hold up to some heavy things. I actually have another bag that I've stored some tools into and it's not tearing or breaking, which is wonderful! However, this  Dot and Dot Toiletry Bag Kit is one of the most clever designed bag for all your products found in the bathroom. 

Top and middle bags inside

bottom and middle part of the bag are close in roomy spaces , but the bottom
has a few areas to hold items into the bands

The bag opens too three parts, which are all nicely zippered. The zipper by the way is perfect to grab with the attache part located on it and doesn't get pulled off tracks like most do! On the top after the bag is unzipped you have a small pouch like zipper which is perfect for small things, maybe quips, bandages, etc. Than when you go to the middle its close the the size as the bottom, a bit more spacey and you have room for large things that you use maybe beauty products, shampoos and conditioners and just about anything you need.

nice zippers and this is the top of the bag, which is the smallest part but has still a good amount
of room for a few little things.

Strong hook for holding it up.

No matter what you take along, if using it to travel or just stay in the bathroom or really any room, this bag is quite handy and the three areas are a perfect amount of space. For me, I can even find a use as for carrying my beauty creams/serums and my facial tools all together without having to have one bag and another.

Total bag open and hanging

It really keeps things organized, in color! 

Love the bag and if you would like to check this out or purchase it, please take a look at the link below:

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