Thursday, November 20

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

The Bellabe Facial Hair Remover is something of a genius product! No really, I can't praise it enough. I actually never knew such a product exist until I tried this.
It is made up of a spring that is coiled tightly around, which grabs your hair as you roll it down your face. 

I mainly work it on the upper lip, the chin and few other ares. It not only pulls out the hair from the root, but it also doesn't hurt anymore than plucking.

I read about these well a few years back and had always wanted to try it, but my fear was the pain. I couldn't believe what was stopping me, actually is something that you really 

don't feel at all!  Now wishing I had this a while back, I am just so thankful to have gotten it now!  

No more fine or even course strands of hair, being a pain to pluck! I can remove it off my face and it will last longer being pulled by the root than just the top, if I shaved them.

I also have to mention, this is the true product. I mean you'll find many like the Bellabe, but this is 100% USA made, it is the real authentic product. So if you dare try a hair removal product and it looks exactly like the one here, make sure it carries the logo because I can't guarantee all products are the same and sometimes they may not last, or work completely opposite depending on the maker.

You really can see the hair it catches, some is what I don't even see in the mirror myself!

However, if your like me optimistic and want the best in everything and who wouldn't, than get the real deal Bellabe Facial Hair Remover. Truly, you will be amazed!

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