Tuesday, November 25

Aukey USB Car Charger with 3 USB Ports

I think of the Aukey USB Car Charger  as the ultimate car charge because you can add three products in this charger, get the same speed charging and never have to wait to use it! 
I can have a car full of people and we will each be able to charge without a problem. My grandma, my mom and myself all have phones and love to carry them everyplace. However, charging becomes an issue if we only have one outlet in the car to share. Therefore, after getting this in the car and plugged into the hole, I was able to successfully charge my cell phone. Plus, I was actually heading up north for a doctors appointment that day, and my mom came along and we both got to charge our phone as she also brought her tablet along too. Long story short, they all charged at an incredible speed, never lost power and kept entertained while 
waiting to be called into the room.

I remember a few years ago when charging was a bit dangerous because keeping the device connected too long would do more harm than good. However, now that products such as this
USB Car Charger has the ability to cut you off from excess charging power, you'll never harm or destroy your device. So in the long term it will last longer, work better and just leaves you without remembering to unplug.

I really love this product and how many items you can charge. Now my car rides can be a bit more entertaining for trips all over because we can all charge and stay and keep occupied online, through apps or watch a video.

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