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Aukey Charging Devices

The Aukey Mini Portable Charger is perfect for your smartphones and charging on the go. I use it with my MP3 player and cell phone, when on the road. It fits in my purse, my pocket and even in the car's glove compartment.

It's a perfect item for emergencies, when you need a little more power to finish a call, or just an extra energy source when you have no more outlets to charge your device in.  I use it often, and always find these battery 
chargers handy, plus they make great gifts to those who are into a lot of techy products.

The product is so small, like they say lipstick size. The USB cord, the charger, the manual and the soft carrying case all come with the product. It really is sleek, useful, and a wonderful item to own. You can't beat the price either, for something

that may help save a life, keep you connected with the world, and just keep you going when your battery is losing charge.

I love it and it works like it should!

You can purchase this Aukey Mini 3000mAh Ultra-Compact Portable Charger Lipstick-Sized External Battery Power Bank with AIpower Technology at the link below:

Wonderful product to own, when you know that not only one person in the car has a smart phone or an electronic product that needs charging. Now that years have pass, technology devices connecting us to the internet 24/7 have came along. So of course we all want a way to charge our devices.

The Aukey Dual Port USB Car Charger Adapter is the perfect little helper to keep two items charging at the same time, while on the road. It has two USB Ports giving you the chance to charger your phones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players and just about any USB powered device. 

Two USB Ports: 1 for Apple product charging and the  other is for any other Devices.

However, now a days they come with the best thing for any device protection, over charge protection. Allowing, your device to stop charging so it doesn't ruin the battery or cause your device to be destroyed easily. Something, nobody would want after paying a huge price tag for their tablet, smartphone or camera. In the long run, its a better idea to have this in the car when you need some more phone time, more access time to the world wide web, or just to give your kids or yourself a chance to finish an episode of your favorite show on your lunch break. Either way, this product makes great use for anyone, and the price is under 10 dollars and you can't pass something so useful up, since its so cheap.

You can purchase this product here:  

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