Wednesday, November 19

2in1 Micro USB + Lightning] [Apple MFI Certified] Adam Elements Du-Plug Lightning & Micro USB Cable Reversible Lightning to USB Cable

The 2 in 1 Adam Elements Micro USB Charger is perfect for charging your newer iPods, iPhones, and iPads. However, if you don't use the micro attachment you can charge your Samsung, HTC, and many other phones with the plug. Its actually awesome that they combined a cord to have the capability to charge your Apple product and its all because of the little attachable end to this cord. Plus, not only is it for charging, but it's a lighting charger allowing your iPod or phone or tablet to charge quicker, making it ready for you in half the time it would take you to use a regular cord.

The quality is pretty good for an inexpensive price. Plus, you have a choice in cord color, as mine was pink! Imagine a gift of less time charging and more time playing, it would be on anyone's Christmas list or gift list.

What makes this valuable is not only does the small attachment allow for your Apple product to charge, but you can charge any other phone and at the same super fast speed. So you really can get both Android Phone and Apple done with the same cord. Sometimes, you have to buy separate cords, but with an Adam Element 2 in 1 you don't have too! Saves me money in the bank and time to access my phone and iPod, after the battery is drained.

Really a great product to own, you will love love love the speedy charge and of course the wonderful color that suits you!

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