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2 new products by Magicfly Review : Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder and Acupunture & Pressure Point Locator

Product 1.  Magicfly 2 in 1 Latest Stainless Steel RFID  Blocking Credit Card Holder for Men and Women with the Mirror

Perfect item to own, when you want to protect your cards. I can hold my credit cards and debit card in this Stainless Steel Credit Card Holder and it provides protection from dropping or anything that may come in contact with it, but what makes it more amazing is the protection against scanners trying to steal my information from with in. This is actually protecting me from  theft and damage, plus its very nice looking and keeps it easy to figure out where my cards are at.

I can keep up to 7 cards in this Card Holder, which is fine since I don't need that many slots. The Steel is durable and won't bend while being tossed around or slammed next to anything in your wallet, will really last longer than any fabric wallet. The slots inside are large enough for you to take your card out and slide it back in, no need for struggling.

Fits well into the center without closing being a problem. Plus, filling it up also doesn't cause a problem!

The slim form of this wallet keeps everything fitting and easy to carry in a pocket. I really must point out that my favorite part is that it is protecting me from theft any place like by the banks ATM, with all the current crime of Identity Theft and steeling cards from others swiping theirs in the machine is just horrible. At least, I can protect my debit card and other cards I have from theft while they are in this Stainless Steel Card Holder.

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Product 2.  Magicfly Pointer Excell II Digital Acupunture and Pressure Point Locator

Acupuncture is well known in Chinese Health to help heal and fix issues within the body. It is used most often and many find to return to their natural healthy selves after a few sessions. Imagine getting rid of your chronic pain, back aches, heartburn symptoms, energy returns and just a bunch of other things. It really works your entire body, that is why its so wonderful!
After using a device like this, which is an electronic form of Acupuncture and doesn't include mini pins.

Entire Machine

Battery comes with the machine

However, this product gives you the same satisfaction as pins would and in less time! The Digital Acupuncture and Pressure Point Locator has the ability to change frequency depending on the amount of pressure needed to get that perfect touch of pressure needed to suit your body. I almost take this machine as a muscle massager, except working deeper at points of the body to fix certain tension points in the body.

Large Digital Screen 
The Digital Acupuncture and Pressure Pointer is gentle enough to use and won't cause you to feel like your being zapped by electricity. It just feels like a small tap on your body, nothing painful at all.

If you get stuck on what to do, just take a look into the manual.

I myself use it near my lower back and hand for tension pain of overuse after working out and over use in one spot too much. The pain is instantly vanished, after a single use. It really takes the pain away in just a few minutes.
Also, it doesn't leave a red irritated rash or burn on your skin, it's gentle to use all over the body.

The digital display allows you to know what frequency your at and locate your actual pressure point on the body, so you fix the real problem and not get the tension around it. Once, you aim for the real spot, you conquer all that is bothering you around it.
That is why you need an accurate  pressure finder which is included in this machine, leaves you with less work finding the accurate spot and gives you a better chance to heal faster!

Specs of the product can be found on the box

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