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Top Plaza Gemstones For Jewelry Making

Top Plaza Gemstones For
 Jewelry Making 

Beauty can be found anywhere around us. Maybe it's that flower beside your door or a butterfly outside your window, no matter where we look we'll always find something beautiful by nature. 

Today I have for you a company known as Top Plaza that creates the most magnificent Gemstone pendants for your jewelry. I myself would always consider Gems to be just as precious or even more attractive than Gold or Diamond. For me, My true love is for the natural beauties that come from the earth in all sorts of colors, not just Gold or Diamond.  I really rather have that beautiful gemstones such as Quartz, Tigers Eye, Agate, Melanite, Garnet, and so many more because they are so helpful in natural healing, meditation and just gorgeous to look at.

That's why when I received these Gems today, I knew I had to share with you how amazed I was by Top Plaza  quality in their products. Each piece is shaped perfectly and they are real Gemstones, nothing is fake! The prices don't do them justice, but I am not complaining!  I could imagine the rest of which they carry, just so many gems in so many designs for necklaces, earrings and any creation you'd love to use them for!   

Below are a few I've got in today and had to share:

1.  The Top Plaza Natural Healing Point Chakra Crystal Pendant for Necklace Jewelry Making  

This beautiful Top Plaza Natural Rose Quartz Healing Point Chakra Pendant is a beauty in the way it's designed, with the curves and the different shapes. I love the silver that surrounds the piece, while the natural Rose Quartz is positioned inside in different shapes. I look at it as a body, like the Chakra which focuses on our body. This is something that will hang off the neck and stun all of your friends, with it's beauty. There are so many beautiful gems to choose from in this shape, such as natural Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, Black Agate, Red Agate, Opalite, and Rose Quartz or even just get the entire collection!  

Smooth backing for staying put on your neck

As I wear the one I received I always love the way it stays put from the smooth back and the natural shape in front, it really is a perfect piece!

If your like me, you could add this to your collection as I have or even just buy a load of these lovely's and create necklaces for everyone to buy or as gifts. They would really make a great impression and for those who love to heal naturally, gemstones do wonders in curing pain and providing you with energy.

To purchase the Top Plaza Healing Point Chakra Crystal Pendant, please take a look at the link below:

2.  Top Plaza Vogue 7 Chakra Healing Stones Pendant for Necklace Making

The Top Plaza Vogue 7 Chakra Healing Stones Pendant is a wonderful piece, which includes the 7 natural gemstones that make up the chakra. You can get this in other different shapes and each will hold the same 7 gems. By the way, the shapes are so beautiful!

You could choose from:

  • The Yoga - Shaped like a person in a meditated state.
  • The Angel - Shape with wings.
  • The Moon - Formed as a moon crescent.
  • The Sunflower - A beautiful round pendant, with the pedals being the 7 gemstones of the chakra.
  • The Sword - A sword in shape.
  • The  Musical Instrument - Formed as a beautiful shape of a violin.

However, the one I have is the Moon 7 Chakra Healing Stones Pendant. I can tell you the stones are very well rounded and smooth to the touch. The way it is placed in the crescent moon is just the way it should be for our natural Chakra in the human body.

Not only does this include more beautiful colors, but the benefit of each gemstone is different and provides natural healing and energy support for the entire body. I always love jewelry that does more than sparkle! 

Of course each piece will differ from one another because it is natural, not made to look like the stones. These are 100% real and as always will never look alike, but the quality from Top Plaza will always be high quality and nothing less!

If you would like to purchase this type of pendant by Top Plaza, please check out the link below:

3.  Top Plaza Natural Amethyst Faceted Pendulum Necklace and Earrings Set

If you want to get a true gift for that special girl or women in your life, than the Top Plaza Natural Amethyst Faceted Pendulum Necklace and Earrings Set is just perfect! I love how you get the true purple color in this set. Amethyst is one thing I really adore, since I love purple. 

In this set you get the beautiful gemstone Amethyst in the shape of pendulums. It also comes with the earrings and the necklace with cord. Its pretty much all together all you need to do is box it or wrap it and you have an instant gift. However, if your like me than maybe it's just a gift for yourself.

I enjoy beautiful gemstones and Top Plaza has created a wonderful set here. Not only does it sit right on the neck and in the ears, but it's something that heals you from the inside out rather than be for looks. 

It truly shines and brings a great amount of attention to your ears and neck. Everyone will be curious to where you've gotten it! I find my friends and family always telling me how beautiful and lovely it is.

If you would like a wonderful set for yourself or as a gift than check out the Top Plaza Natural Amethyst Faceted Pendulum Necklace & Earrings Set at the link below:

4.  Top Plaza 1pc Natural Amethyst/ Topaz Healing Point Chakra Bead Gemstone Pendant for Necklace Making 

The Top Plaza Natural Healing Point Chakra Bead Gemstone Pendant is actually in it's natural shape, from earth to your jewelry box.

It's a choice of Amethyst or Topaz in it's true form, with the silver hoop allowing you to slide on a chain to wear it. 

The beautiful shape is created from the formation on earth. Therefore, it's always and like all gemstones will look different from each one you get, even if it's the same gemstone. I honestly love the real look to this rock, and the purple Amethyst is the one I have and it shines with the smooth edges and it's natural bright and dark purple color. 
One great thing is this type of Bead Pendant by Top Plaza is not heavy and won't weigh your neck down as you wear it all day long. Some rocks can be a bit on the heavy side and the heaviness isn't really fun if your wearing it for hours or all day long.  

I always feel the real form of the stone may provide a more true healing. However, all stones in any form, if created in a shape or just in it's natural form will provide you with the energy, the healing, and the feeling of strength no matter the form/shape.

If you would like a real shaped piece, from the way it formed on the ground, than check out the link below:

Top Plaza really brings the best pieces for everyone, and these are only 4 of the lovely Jewelry creations you can buy from them. 

Thank You 

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