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Top Plaza Fashionable And Fun Variety Reviewf

Top Plaza Fashionable And 
Fun Variety Review

I am so glad to share a few loves that I got from Top Plaza. They not only know fashion, but they know how to make high quality products!

1.  Top Plaza Pink Vintage Enamel Bracelet Watch

This is a terrific Bangle Bracelet Watch! It's easy to read the numbers and a fun square shape that fits the width of the watch just like a bracelet. It's also easy to fix the time with the easy adjustment on the side of this watch.  If you love pink than you would love this color.

Easily to go on your wrist with the hinged sides

Fits perfectly 

You can find this product at this link below:

2.  Top Plaza 3.5mm Crystal Fox Animal Anti Dust Plug

This is a cute little crystal fox, that fits perfectly on your phone. It can be a perfect gift for a friend also. This little fox is the perfect safety companion for your phone. Your not only getting a dazzling design for the phone, but a safe way to prevent your phone or if you want extra charm plugs, than phones from getting damaged by dust.

I find it more useful than just the one for the charging port cover because I have my phone plugged in often verse a headset.

If you would like to purchase this product please take a look below:

3.  Top Plaza Eyebrow Template Stencil Shaping Tool Grooming Makeup DIY Beauty

The product here is perfect for getting an even angel and shape on creating your eyebrows. I use it evenly clean up my eyebrows and if you are one who want to evenly use makeup to touch up your brows, without mess than this would be perfect! It's a simple tool and works wonders.

You have a handle to hold it evenly towards your face and while looking into the mirror you can simply fix your brows perfectly every time.

If you would like to take a look at this product please check out the link below:

Thank You

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