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The New American Herbal by Stephen Orr

The New American Herbal book by Stephen Orr is full of real photographs of herbs and plants used in our meals, medicines and so much more! This book is packed, and includes the most informative information and tips on herbs and their beneficial properties! The book has over 900 entries of different herbs, recipes, and tips for using them.  

The New American Herbal Book is full of your typical herbs, but some we have not ever known of using or thought of as edible. Since the past ones are so frequently known and carry on to many herb books, Stephen took a few of our new found herbs and included them as well as the old ones to give you a bible of herbal information and ideas.

You will learn the properties of herbs, how to harvest and dry them and so much more. There are so many tips as well as projects to make use of with the many herbs you enjoy on a daily basis. 

I myself found this book to be very interesting and the recipes make for a tasty way to add healthy nutrition into our diet and extra flavor to our meals. Herbs are mainly known for creating a savory or sweet meal, a cure for an illness and so much more. No matter the ways we use them, they really do benefit us. This book takes it a step further and informs us ways to use herbs from garden to food, essential oils, and many more. It really gets us out of the same old ideas to some new ones.

It's an excellent book to own! You will not only understand which plants to avoid over using and which are ok to keep in your day to day life, but also their relations too other herbs and plants and so much more!

If you want to learn more than just how to use an herb, than this book is the book you need to get! It's up to date, and extremely informative with wonderful photographs. 

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