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Magicfly Digital Wireless DVR Security System, SD Card Recording with 7 Inch LCD Monitor, 2 Long Range Night Vision Cameras or 4

The Magicfly Digital Wireless DVR Security System

The Magicfly Wireless Security Systerm is a perfect set for securing what you love most, a child or even just to watch certain parts of the house. This is a great Wireless DVR Security System for anyone who owns a small shop, or just wants to protect and keep an eye on their most valuable items. 

I find it to be useful to have a watch out for my cash left in a small safe and my car, since I live in a horrible town with too many fights and cops coming down this road. 
Also, many may not think this as an idea, but a way to watch even a pet, child, or family member like a grandparent who may not be feeling so well. I can relate with my grandma, who has had so many operations and heart attacks, it just gets scary that something may happen to her. However, this Magicfly Security System can put your mind, as it did mine to rest. No more fear that my car will be damaged from some rude people, or no more fears that a prized possession will be stolen, since it'll be caught on camera making it easier to know who is behind it!

Oh yes, even think of your garden. Since this can do a 100m transmission one range video output function and is totally weather proof, you could take a glimpse at your plants and watch what is eating your veggies at night. You may even capture something cute and beautiful like a bunny, dear or a cute little nocturnal critter that you don't see in the day time.

This is a truly amazing system and protection is well needed in many homes and jobs. I got the 4 camera and 1 monitor set, but you could get 1 monitor and 2 cameras if you have a smaller range of area, which needs protection against harm or burglary. 

I should also mention, that the viewing on the monitor comes out perfectly. You can see clearly at night and the recording time can go from 24 hours and 7 days with the ability to overwrite as it records. The choice is yours, you can manually set it up, schedule it or have it motion activated to come on.

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