Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Magicfly Brand New Dosing Peristaltic Metering Pump Triple for Aquarium Lab Reef

Magicfly Dosing Peristaltic Metering Pump Triple for Aquarium Lab Reef

This is something that you would use for a professional or lab aquarium fish tank. The Pumps supply a long life and help manage up to 3 channels that can be set to start and stop separately. However, you can add up to 6 channels if you so need.

There are 24 total settings you can work with on this device as well. It's basically like a programmable pump for your tank. You can use it to automate the delivery of reef essential supplements such as calcium, magnesium, buffers, and other nutrients at the proper times and intervals.

There is this built in memory allowing you less work to remember each timing interval and you have these high quality pumps that will last probably up to the average service life of 10,000 hours or even longer!

It's very well made, and the strength of this system is top notch! It will really provide that perfect pump for your fish tanks. The LCD back-lit screen is perfect to see what is going on when it's dark and there are no lights available. You have like a mini computer operating your aquarium, so really doesn't give you no struggle to remember much when its being taken care of. The case has everything you need to begin metering your tanks 

Here is some specifications:

Power: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz 

Accuracy: better than ± 3%
Size: 220x140x60mm
Cycle : Max :24 cycle per day
6M silicon Tube include
A measuring cylinder include

What you will get in the package is:

1 x Dosing Pump Control Box (3 pump heads with 3 connectors) 

1 x Power Adapter
1 x English Manual
1 x Silicone Tube (3m) 
1 x 10ml Measuring Cylinder 

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