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Lagute No-Touch Automatic Sensor Dispenser for Soap

Lagute No-Touch Automatic 
Soap Dispenser 

If you have a bathroom or kitchen skin and hate having dirty hands always touching the soap dispenser, plus the fact of germs spreading even more than this soap dispenser would do wonders for you.
Top where you easily fill the soap, lotion, or sanitizer .
Power on/off button right on top as well.

This No-Touch product is perfectly safe for everyone and is so nicely design with the large dispenser nose part being enough room to place your hand under and get the soap directly into your palm.  It has an easy to use button on top, which is helpful to turn the machine off when not in use and to turn on when needed. It's perfect for any type of  lotion, soap and sanitizer you want dispensed.

Battery compartment on the bottom, 4 triple A's

I really have a huge germ fear and to have a product like this makes me fear one less thing spreading germs, while others love to soap as well. It's also really easy to fill, clean and no mess!
Light indicates in use and will dispense content.

It's silver exterior and black stand is perfect height and lovely in my home and I'm sure it would work for many homes. Oddly I do love to say that the sensor area is a lovely shade of purple my fave color. However this entire item is perfect for my lotion and soap. 

If you would like to own a simple and sleek designed Lagute No-Touch Soap Dipsenser
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