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Kohree Smart L100 Eye-care LED Desk Lamp (5 Dimmable Level, 5V/1A USB Charging Port, Safe Touch Panel)

Kohree Smart LED Desk Lamp Touch Panel Control and 5 Dimmable Levels

This is a perfect light for those who want to save cash, easy turn on and adjust, and another way to charge your USB supported device. The Kohree Smart LED Desk Lamp is a wonderful 5 levels of brightness which don't cause any irritation to the eyes. I notice even though it doesn't
have a shade like your traditional lamp, the light will not hurt or irritate the eyes even at the highest level of brightness.
top of the LED Lamp 

The adjust-ability is wonderful! You can get it to reach a bit of a distance, allowing you to work or read in comfort. The base is nice and steady while the center has two areas that can be adjusted to reach forward or stand straight up and down. You also can fold it to put it away, when not in use.
Base is sturdy strong and has the touchable control panel right on the lamp.
It makes for easy turning on or off, when you need some light!
Also Rotates180 degrees from the base.

You also have the 4 different light modes to choose from. These are perfect for reading or working on the computer. I never found them to be any problems with my eyes. I do like that with this LED Lamp that there is no funky flickering of the light. I had a few of my LED products, not this brand but another in different items like a book light and something else, which are long gone that have had that issue of flickering. It isn't pleasant and just sort of annoying. I mean some may be able to handle it, but if your looking for a good light for your room or any thing you need a light for, than you want to get the best. 

Also to mention that there is a timer on this LED Lamp, you can have it go off in an hour. I don't use it normally, but imagine if you know you fall asleep reading and instead having that light on all night till you wake, you can have it turn off automatically.

I really do think for cash saving, without buying any light bulbs and being an Environmentally good choice that you would be pleased with a product like this. I really do find myself using it daily, and since I received it in the mail I've gotten rid of my lamp.

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