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Jewelry Making Tools Kit From Kerro Outlets

Kerro Outlets Jewelry Making Kit

 The Kerro Outlets Jewelry Making Kit is full of all the essential items needed to begin making jewelry. It's the most helpful and perfect beginners kit or gift.

3 types of Pliers

Whats included in this Jewelry Making Kit:

  • 12 TOOLS - essential for making jewelry 
    • 1 Hook - allows you to craft a chain of O rings.
    • 1 Wire Cutter- to cut wires used in making earrings, bracelets and necklaces.
    • 2 Needles- perfect to get through small beads with the string
    • 2 Tweezers- help you pick up stones and beads and to place/set them evenly.
    • 1 Knife- for cutting wire, string or even stretchy string and much more.
    • 1 Awl - handy tool when making jewelry out of cord or thread also makes the perfect bead reamer.
    • 1 Thimble- protects the finger
    • 1 Chain Nose Plies- wide variety of uses included closing bead tips, open and close jump rings, wrap wire, and many more!
    • 1 Crimping Pliers- to flatten crimp beads
    • 1 Round Nose Pliers- used to curl, coil, and shape wire into loops and circles.
  • Black Zippered Case - keeps everything in place and portable so you can go anyplace with it.

Awl and two needles

Hook and Tweezers

This Jewelry Tool Kit is full of wonderful tools and a great beginner set! My mom is big on jewelry making and has almost everything there is. She was starting a business in creating jewelry using real gemstones. However, I had a craving to try myself. Not only cause it be fun to help her, but to be able to learn to make my own wearable jewelry! 

scissors and knife tool

I have my eyes on making some feather earrings and necklaces. I love jewelry and this is the perfect set to get me making all different pieces. 

I really would consider this as a choice for a gift, a jewelry creator, and even for yourself. It's complete and perfect! 

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