Wednesday, October 15

Idylc Homes Kona French Press #1 Premium Coffee Maker & Tea Press

Idylc Homes Kona French Press

This is a super impressive Coffee Maker and Tea Press! Idylc Homes created a press known as Kona French Press. It is designed very stylish and comes with three stainless steel parts for giving you that fresh coffee/tea flavor and no other flavor. This is perfect gift choice for any tea or coffee drinker.

I love that it's heat resistant glass is so thick that you won't be able to break it if you dropped it, but not like I'll drop the product to test it! However, I know from having thick glass it's made to prevent cracking or breaking. For instance, take a candle, how it burns but the glass isn't breaking or cracking sort of like that, super thick!

One thing to love about stainless steel parts is that they don't leave any flavors to your drink. Something I wouldn't want, it just ruins the flavor completely. Instead this product actually enhances the flavor of your Tea/Coffee by pressing out the nutrition that doesn't come out with just regular boiled water. Instead it's getting all that deep rich flavor from every leaf or grounds.

Think of it as a deeper richer flavor booster machine! It really gives you something more than having your cup of joe or tea prepared with boiled water.

I am really pleased with this product! My first one I ever had and I never knew how good tea and coffee could taste since I got this.

Wonderful French Press!

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