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Drill Brush Power Scrubber Review

Drill Brush Power

Your Household Will Thank You!

I was so excited to find a new company known as Drillbrush, which creates a simpler way to get down deep and clean all different hard to clean messes! The Drill Brush is an attachment that goes right on your Drill, and they have so many to choose from!

You can deep clean your kitchen, car, bathroom and so much more with the different brushes they have for your drill. Plus, they fit most cordless drills with an easy push in and pull out.

Today I have three types to share with you. The difference in these are the stiffness of the nylon bristles and the size plus what they are meant to be used for. However, you could try using them in different parts of the house, but it's more recommended to use the right brush for the best results! 

1. The Shower, Tub, and Tile Power Scrubber Brush

This is the best all purpose choice for those who want to get there house spotless, there boats crystal clean, and the car looking as new as the first day you got it!  The bristles are stiff enough to work deeply into the grime and dirt left behind by grease, mud, and any thing that might of came in contact with the surface. I found it to be an easy to scrub right through it. The power of the drill and the type of bristles, plus shape help really well getting into those areas that may not be seen and those fibers of fabric that aren't easy to scrub into by hand. This is wonderful for all purpose cleaning

Attaches to the drill easily!

I really think if you have no idea what brush would work in your home or which every you want to try than this is the best to start off with. It's a perfect kit of two types of brushes that work well for all over and doesn't leave you exhausted or your hands hurting. The Drill Brush makes it simple and easy to deep clean with this kit.

You can purchase this Drill Brush kit here:

2. Small Diameter All Purpose Power Scrub and Cleaning Brush Automotive Home Garage and Boat Cleaning

The Small Diameter All Purpose Power Scrub is perfect for smaller spaces, and works well in all different parts of the house. You can clean your carpet and upholstery with ease. The grime comes right out! No more pain with this attachment, I find myself cleaning faster and not feeling that cleaning is a chore, but fun because I can use a drill! I feel like cleaning more often and what a wonder this brush makes for cleaning between small angels and sides. This one is a wonderful attachment to have for small spaces and hard to clean areas. Goodbye grease for good! This one I do use the most, of all the others because I have so many tight spots that need cleaning and aren't easy to do.

If you want to get those tight spots clean, check out this Rotary Spinning Carpet and Upholstery Powered Brush here:

Rotary Spinning Carpet and Upholstery Powered Brush

The Rotary Brush is the perfect brush for deep cleaning your carpets, which can be a task and an all day event. You don't need to spend extra cash and get a Rug Doctor or an expensive carpet cleaning vacuum. Instead, get this Drill Brush attachment and your job is cut into half, and saves you so much cash as well! I love how well it deep cleans, but it doesn't tear up the fabrics because its soft and not stiff like the other attachments for the Drill Brush. I can even get the nasty spills from a cup of tea or coffee out of a light color rug. Pretty awesome and it works on pillows as well!  

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