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Cool On The Go Portable Handsfree Fan

Cool On The Go 

The Cool On The GO Fan is one of a kind! It is a portable and compact fan that goes where ever you want to take it. I love it! 

The Cool On The Go Fan!
This is where the cool air will be coming from.

First off it's as powerful as a simple house hold fan, but with the ability to travel. No cords or wires needed to keep the wind flowing.

One way to charge your Cool On The Go Fan, but you can use batteries as well!

It runs off of USB or Batteries and weighs nothing! Plus the fact that you can stick it where every you like. I enjoy the hands-free use, since any portable fans are normally those ones that you have to hold and wear around your neck, plus you have to continuously push the button of some fans, which can be annoying. 

Easily clips on to your belt, stroller or wheresoever you like to have it . Plus  it works perfectly
as a stand so you can have it aimed  anyplace you want some cool air.

Armband and lanyard, allows for you to wear the Cool On The Go Fan with ease.

The Cool On the Go Fan just uses an on and off switch and has a clip that you can place it where you like to have the wind focused on blowing too. It's perfect for babies while taking them for a stroll, also I love to use it on my walks through the woods on a hot day.

Many ways to use the portable fan found in the instructions, if you need some ideas.

You really can't beat it! The wind power is powerful, that I don't break a sweat like a typical handheld fan would let me do still during a heat wave. Also if your at home, you can even do what I normally do is use the fan as a stationary desk fan, which works just as perfect as any household fan and maybe even better!

Love it better than any handheld fan I ever owned, even some of the fans I had as household fans.

If your interested in a Cool On The Go Fan, please take a look at the link below:

You can even check out the company's site and facebook page for more wonderful information and details about the Cool On The Go Fan, linke is below:

site: www.coolonthego.com

facebook - https://www.facebook.com/coolonthego

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