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Blue Donuts 120 CD/DVD Black Carrying Case w/ Handle and Outer Pocket

This case is terrific! Blue Donuts, gotta love the name, but really the case they created here is excellent. It's very strong and durable for carrying around in the car and on vacation or just inside the house. It stores so many CD's and DVDs up to 120 total.

Opens up easily and allows you to view each side evenly 
If you ever had a cheap CD/DVD Case you would know how horrible they can be. Some are so bad that when you store a few in the slots, they begin to shrink the amount of space to store anymore even if it mentions you can put 500 + or even less in the case itself.

Nice inner mesh pocket 

That is what has happen to me, after buying two on ebay and one from a dollar store. It really doesn't pay instead it cost me more money, than it would to get a quality prodcut like this Black Case.

Strong handle 
the handle is a wonderful thing. It's not weak or thin, but instead it is very strong and thick. I can carry it easily and even when the case is super filled It still holds up without fail!

Nice extra compartment on the outside
The slots of the case are nice and large enough to fit your DVDs/CDs without breaking or tearing. I love how easy it is to store my music and videos. This is to me a great product, which I just wish others would get the hint and make their products better.

CDs/DVDs fit perfectly in each sleeve

Great Case!

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