Thursday, September 4

The New Age Source White Selenite Wand

The Wand For 
Mental Clarity And Relaxation! 

Thanks to New Age for a wonderful meditating and guidance wand!

If you enjoy meditation, relaxation and guidance to your energy than take a look at the Selenite Wand by New Age. They have a pure crystal wand that is made of the selenite crystal. It is a clear white type of crystal that has been formed into a long length wand to help you transfer your energy to those who your performing magic on or even yourself.

The back of the Selenite wand

It's shaped wonderfully and smooth enough to the touch, but the crystal Selenite is easily able to be scratched because it is a soft smooth stone. You can really have a great hold on to this wand and benefit to the natural clarity and inner healing power the crystal will produce for you.  The size of the Selenite Wand you get from New Age is perfect length and inexpensive. 

The front point of the Selenite wand

Your really getting a beautful and a high quality product from this shop. I am so glad to have had a chance to review this product. If you would like to get your hands on this product and learn what benefits it will provide for your body, mind and soul than please check this product out here:
New Age Selenite Massage Wand

You can find New Age Source online, facebook and follow their blog at the links below:
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