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TaoTronics Elune Dimmable LED Desk Lamp 4 light modes

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp!

A TaoTronics Dimmable LED Desk Lamp is a terrific product to own, with it's touchable control panel and long lasting LED Light. Your getting more with this lamp because the 4 modes are perfect when you want a different light setting for reading, sleeping, relaxing, and even studying.
Plus, it includes a timer so you can set it for automatic shut down after 60 mins and not worry if you forget to shut it off. Also there  is the ability to adjust the brightness, which includes 5 levels than a traditional three way light bulb.

Unlike many lamps this one has a USB port so you can charge your electronics, which is pretty neat! I love that I can charge my phone right beside the lamp or tablet. It's also a wonderful height, 18 inches tall and comes with the ability to adjust the angle from the control panel to the top of the light. You can even make it do a full 180 degree from the base.

This is a terrific lamp for your work desk, crafting studio and a bunch of other areas! I love the slim and sleek style. It can fit any room and the shape reminds me of a modern style for studio apartments, living rooms and even bedrooms.

I use mine daily as a night light and as a work light. It really is bright and doesn't give off any heat like traditional light bulbs do. The LED is known to provide you a few benefits that traditional bulbs will not.

A few LED benefits include:

  • Saving Cash - Less money used to replace the bulb, since LED bulbs last long as much as 25-30 years long.
  • Energy Efficient - Doesn't take up so much electrical energy as traditional bulbs. 
  • Eco Friendly - Toxic Free and 100% recyclable than traditional light bulbs
  • Durable - Strong and sturdy, won't break through any weather or external impacts.
  • UV Free - No worries of UV's
  • Works In Any Temperature- You won't have to worry if it's freezing or super hot, these LED bulbs can work no matter the condition.
  • Fast Light - They turn on immediately, and doesn't take time to reach it's full brightness.

With A TaoTronic LED Desk Lamp, your getting a long lasting light bulb that will illuminate any room you like. You can have also a piece of mind that nothing dangerous will occur while accidentally leaving the light on, it's super safe around the entire family.

I love now that I own one of these LED Desk Lamps I'm set for a long time. I don't need to run out to get a new lamp or new bulbs, saving me cash for anything I need instead. It also doesn't affect my eyes with any type of flickering that I notice some LED products have.

This light is well recommended and in the long run can save you money for a vacation in the future or a pair of shoes.

Terrific product!

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