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Surefire Colt 45 Magnum Rubber Band Gun

US Made Colt 45 Magnum
 Rubber Band Gun

Surefire is a small company been operating for 60 years. They have been hand crafting these beautiful wooden guns by hand, with a full USA staff. They are not a fake off copy brand made in China. Instead, your getting the real high quality, wood crafted Rubber Band Gun made in the USA. 

I can tell you the smooth feeling is wonderful, no sharp edges or ridges. Since your getting a real American made product, you know it's made high quality not cheap and easy to break! The kids will love this hand crafted Rubber Band Gun, you will never lose ammo!

It's safe, fun, and easy to use for ages 5 to 95! No one is too old to have a gun that won't end up hurting anyone, but great fun for playing with! You can try setting up targets with tin cans and knocking them down with rubber bands or even just try see how far you can shoot them. I love this cute toy, since I'm a kid in an adults body! I love enjoying different things, and this is just one of those things that I can't put down!

It is so much fun and so much better than flinging band with your fingers. SureFire really did create a wonderful product and unlike those cheap dollar store types made by China, you will be playing with this and having fun for years to come!

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