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Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid Peel Kit

Refresh Skin Therapy Fruit Acid Peel Kit

The Fruit Acid Peel Kit is a perfect product to refresh and bring out your new beautiful healthy skin under the dead skin above. With this kit by Refresh Skin Therapy you get a Fruit Acid Peel Gel and a Pre-Peel Cleanser.

First the Pre-Peel Reveal Rose Glow Cleanser. It is a nice way to restore the skins pH balance and remove those nasty impurities on our skin. Mainly, I see it as the preparation treatment before the peel. Therefore, the Pre-Peel will help clean off the impurities and provide the skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids. This will keep your skin healthy and protected from free radicals before you begin a Peel Treatment with this kit.  You also get a nice size 4 oz Pre-Peel Hydrating Cleanser with this kit, enough to prepare your skin before a peel.

Now the Second product is the Fruit Acid Peel Gel with Kojic Acid is a perfect way to exfoliate the top layer of skin and work deep into the skin cells and remove the thick dead damaged layer. Than all you see is that beautiful clean fresh and glowing skin underneath. I actually
think of it as a way to cut off the dead and dull looking skin that won't get off your face, even with just a scrub with a cleanser. Once you remove that old skin you have a lovely fresh, brand new skin beneath that hasn't been destroyed by toxins or any other damaging products.

I felt a quick refreshing feeling on my skin once I did this Fruit Acid Peel. It left my skin smooth and breathable. I don't feel any tight or see any dull patches on my skin. It really does work deep to get those dead damage skin cells off the face.

However, many will also result with the use of a Acid Peel is a way to prevent bacteria and rosacea flare ups from the Kojic Acid. You will notice reduction of fine lines and wrinkles from aging as well as those dark spots and scars from recent or old acne.

I love the fact that its also Vegan and never tested on our friends, the animals. There isn't anything fake in this product and made right here in the USA. Also this is in a 1 fl oz bottle, which you only need a little to do the peel and it will allow you to do 20-30 full facial applications.

The entire process is wonderful! I never really did a peel myself and the idea sounded exciting. Therefore, once I got to use this product I was excited to see how beautiful my skin will look after. I must say I was super pleased with how refreshed my skin felt and it didn't even cause my face to look red or irritated one bit. I always felt that a peel would cause you to break out or get red for awhile, but I was wrong. This peel didn't leave my skin red and it didn't even hurt.
I can only say that this was my results, so I don't know how it may affect anyone else, but I think its a really great product!

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