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Nut Milk Bag Everyday Kitchen Essentials

Fresh Homemade Nut Milk

I suffer from lactose intolerance and even though I love dairy, I just can't have it. So I made my way to having either soy or almond milk as my dairy replacement and loved them so much more than real dairy. However, it is a bit costly! Therefore, thanks to the Everyday Kitchen Essentials Nut Milk bag, I can have homemade fresh almond milk all day long!

There really isn't anything better than having real fresh almond, cashew or any type of nut you would love to have to drink. 

Has a drawstring and a large bag for using a great amount of nuts.

Benefits of the Everyday Kitchen Essentials Nut Milk Bag:

  • Durable and Reusable - Built to last a long long time, with the nylon they use to construct it.
  • Draw String - It's got a nice and strong draw string to open and close the bag with.
  • Round Corners - This Nut Milk Bag isn't squared like most. Instead the round edges

     actually helps when your trying to strain the contents.
  • Food Grade - It is meant to be used with food. 
  • Size - 10 x 13 inches ( size is larger than most being sold at the same price).
  • Bonus - Get a free recipe book for a limit time

Rounded edges

I think what turned me onto the idea of making my own milks, not only cause ot the less money used, but the taste of fresh and no added strange ingredients. You can really have pure and fresh milk without added chemicals to give it flavor or thickness. As most companies love to add ingredients that our bodies don't really need. Therefore, with the Nut Milk Bag by Everyday Kitchen Essentials, I'm drinking the freshest and really easy to make almond milk all day long. I even use it in desserts like ice cream.

Great product, and would highly recommend to my friends!

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