Tuesday, September 2

LV-Case Wallet Leather Case for iPhone 5/5s/5c

Keep Your iPhone Covered In Style!

Thank you LV-Case for the terrific Cover!

A true phone cover is worth more than 5 dollars, when you want one that will last!  Today I have a company known LV-Case , who had created the best type of case for your iPhone 5/5s/5c. The product I'm talking about is called the Black Checkered Wallet Leather Case .
It's a high end leather wallet that keeps you iPhone covered from back and front and looks like a small hand wallet with the strap to easily take it around with you.  

The one I have here is the Big Brown and Black Checkered Leather Wallet Case, which is perfect for my iPhone 5. It has a lovely dark brown and black plaid leather exterior with a gold emblem of LV on the front.

The inside is a light brown, while the phone area has a soft felt section to keep the phone from damage and scratches. Not only does it securely hold my iPhone, but it also holds my bank and credit cards on the other side! So you really can take your cash and phone without dragging your bag with you! This Leather Wallet Case is strong long lasting and very classy. 
The touchscreen of your phone is easily viewed in this wallet, plus it has a protective clear screen over the phone once placed in this wallet. 

These Leather Wallets from  LV-Case are strong, protective in every way from damage, and make taking everything that you really need to go out a breeze with the additional sections for money and cards. Also You will love that the luxury of this look will also make you seem as if you spent a huge amount of money on it, but you didn't! 

You will use this product daily, as I find it to be my new travel case everyday. I don't need anything but this wallet because it holds my phone, my cash, my cards, and my drivers license allowing me to leave my heavy purse/bag at home.  This wallet is a true wonder, and I am so glad to have had a chance to rave about it!

If you are interested in a high end, luxury Checkered Wallet Case, than please take a look at this product here: 

Also think about it as a great gift for the upcoming Holidays, guranteed everyone will love it!

Thank you

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