Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lagute Beer Counting Tracker Bottle Opener

Bottoms Up!

Thank you Lagute for a fun product to review!

You know of the bottle opener for beer caps, but have you ever heard of one that tracks your amount?  Thanks to Lagute, they have created a Beer Counting Tracker Bottle Opener that would make drinking a bit more fun or even safe!  

Strong enough to open all different types of caps!

Sometimes, we can't stop after one drink and others it's just fun to drink any amount at a party. Therefore, with this cute red Counting Tracker Bottle Opener your able to 
watch your amount, try to beat your amount for fun, or beat another's amount for the night.  Sometimes, we only drink excessive during parties and this would be a great novelty gift for some laughs, some fun, and just for those who want to be safe on the amount they consume.

To reset the count, button on the side.

battery gets placed in the back of the gizmo!

I really think the color is nice and bright, the tracker is right on, and it makes a perfect portable little gadget for opening your beer bottles caps with ease. Also, think of it as when your not able to keep count of your own amount, while drunk than this product will take that worry off your mind. Really a great and helpful gift to have in anyone's home who drinks!

If your interested please take a look of it here:  

Thank You 

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