Saturday, September 20, 2014

Etekcity RoverBeats Bravo Professional Stereo Headphone Headset 3.5mm with Mic Microphone for Computer PC Laptop Notebook

Etekcity RoverBeats Bravo Professional Stereo Headphone Headset 

This is a really nice headset. The Etekcity RoverBeats Bravo Headset  covers the ears with comfort and doesn't squeeze around your head. Instead, you can adjust the top to fit as you like. The microphone is perfect size for communicating back and forth with many of your gaming buddies online or voice chatting on Skype.

Some specifics of the Headset.

Adjustable mic, to place near your mouth or when not in use back up. There also is a volume switch, where you can change the loudness of the voices, music or sound effects from your electronics.

Adjustable by each ear-cup, which gives you the ability to make it comfortable for your head.
Nice large ear-cups which are super comfortable and fit around the entire ear, with no ear squeezing feeling.
Sounds also easy to hear and won't escape..

The words you speak through the mic will be easily sent through since the sensitivity is pretty good, as it picks up all words spoken lightly. You won't have to speak super loud to get a conversation going. Also, the headset itself allows for exact response from the person on the other side and with the volume control dial you can hear them with ease.

Mic and Stero will plug in the computers port or any device that fits a 3.5mm.

They are labeled with each symbol of a microphone and one with a headset so you won't forget which is which.

The microphone also can be adjusted down to match up correctly towards your mouth so you don't have to struggle to speak into the microphone. I found the entire headset to be comfortable to wear and doesn't squeeze my ears to my face as most do. 

So really your getting a headset that won't leave you in discomfort, while you work or engage in some video chatting and gaming. 

The design is a perfect color and product for anyone who needs a reliable headset. You can use it for work, or for fun. 

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