Friday, September 5

Automatic Egg Steamer/Boiler

Eggs Made Easy!

This is one of the most easiest way to make 7 hard boiled eggs and safe way as well!
The Automatic Egg Steamer/Boiler  provides you with even cooking and a light indicator to tell when the little steamer is on or off!

I love that it's safe to use and not difficult to use at all!
This tray holds the eggs.

Comes with another tray for steaming meals like veggies and scramble eggs.

You will never need to worry about over boiling or fire starting if you step away. This is because when the water is done the power automatically shuts off! Therefore, this makes the
Automatic Egg Steamer/Boiler a safe item to have in any home or office.

Eggs are so rich in protein, nutrients an vitamins. They make great snacks on the go and as a fast meal for your entire family.

In the Automatic Egg Steamer/Boiler you can make steamed veggies and other foods if you wish and also other egg dishes, not just soft, medium, and hard boiled eggs. Just a really wonderful steamer and cute too!

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