Friday, August 15

Yogurt Maker

Lets Make Homemade Yogurt!

Thank you Newcool Store From USA for allowing me to review this yogurt machine!

When you can make food homemade, you know your getting healthy and fresh ingredients. Therefore, why not make your yogurt at home as well!  Today I have for you is the 11 inch E-Ware Yogurt MakerThis product is perfect size for a counter top in your kitchen, isn't hard to use, and comes with BPA free cups. Many yogurt makers don't have BPA cups, take up so much space and you have to shut them off, which this yogurt maker does automatically.

Instructions included

Has a timer, allows for automatic off set as well!

Nice size appliance for the counter and strong durable material!

Personal yogurt cups
In the past, I had a yogurt maker and was using it daily, but when your using it all night long and have to remember to wake yourself up or set the alarm so you can shut it off, tends to be a bit annoying!  However, this one changes all of that! The E-Ware Yogur Maker is 
compact, has friendly digital display for easy programming and provides that automatic shut-off once it's done making your fresh and creamy yogurt.

I love yogurt, but I can't have dairy so I tend to use other milks like almond milk and soy milk to make my yogurt. I'm saving so much doing this and not having unwated ingredients that shouldn't be in your yogurt to begin with!  Just think, making fresh homemade yogurt for your kids who can't or can have dairy, who wants a healthy treat or just for beauty uses like facial or skin lotion.

You really can do so much with yogurt and healthy homemade yogurt with the E-Ware Yogurt Maker.

Bring health back into your home and enjoy the fresh taste of yogurt with the E-Ware-11-Yogurt-Maker, which can be found here:

Thank You 

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