Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner

Don't Just Clean, Steam!

Thank you DEAL ROVER for allowing me to review this wonderful cleaner!

Everyone loves to have a clean house, but when your trying to make it sparkle and end up wasting a full day to get that shine it just doesn't feel worth it. Plus the fact that it ends up getting dirty in a few days or so. 

However, thanks to a product called Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner you can get your house clean, shining, and sparkling in half or less time than it takes you to use a broom, mop, and wash cloth.

The way the Xtech Electric Steam Cleaner works is by the power of high-pressure steam, using a 1050 watts of blasting steam. What makes it a wonderful cleaner is that your not using any type of chemicals or toxins, and your saving alot of time and money spent on cleaning your house. Therefore, your going to be able to clean so much and have that marvelous shine of your stianless steel sinks, your toilet bowl, or even the oven with just the power of steam. It'll fight through grease, grime, mildew and all other types of dirt lying around.

Measures out the right amount of water for the Xtech.

Funnel for easy filling!
Plug in and light signals on. Once heated up than your ready to steam clean!

Now I know there are many other steam cleaners on the market, but when your spending alot less to get the Xtech verse a Bissel or Hover and getting 9 attachments included, there isn't any reason to pass it up!
After a few uses and all the many attachments, I found no problems or time consuming issues with this brand. 
Tried steaming the wall

Got deep into the grease that was dripping down.

Very powerful!

Dirty floor!

Used the Xtech and gave it a power clean!


Time to clean and shine that stainless steel sink!

Here is what is included with the Xtech Electric Easy Handheld Steam Cleaner:
- Xtech Steam Cleaner with built-in movable short spray nozzle
- Long Spray Nozzle
- Bent Spray Nozzle
- Spray Nozzle with Bristle Brush
- Flexible Extension Hose
- Window Washing Squeegee
- Door/Window/Clothing Attachment
- Terrycloth Cover
- Measuring Cup
- Funnel
- User Manual

You really can reach high up on the windows and walls with the attachments. Plus, it's safe for everyone in your house. No chemicals that will harm you pets, children, or any family member. However, it will do wonders on killing the unwanted bacteria and germs that creep around every cornor.  I really love how easy and fast this product makes cleaning. It actually makes me want to clean more often!

If you want to finally see yourself in the mirror or put an end to the nasty odors coming from your refridgerator, than come check it out here:

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