Thursday, August 21, 2014

VoilaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask

Restore That Beautiful Face!

Thank you VoilaVe for the Dead Sea Mud Mask!

I love Dead Sea Minerals and when its included as a main ingredient in a mask, it's just magnificent! Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask is a beneficial product that VoilaVe has created for our skin. It doesn't dry us up like most masks, and never will cause your skin to be irritated. I would have to say its one of the most smooth to apply masks I've ever tried! I had so many in the past that are super sticky and just messy. However, this product is easy to apply and wash off the hands as well as off the face when the time is up!

Your getting a pure and healthy product that comes from the Dead Sea Mud. It is going to provide you with so many natural minerals and nutrients, which in the long run will create a smooth, youthful, and stronger cells on your face. You can treat so many problems such as aging, extremely oil and dry skin, eczema and even psoriasis. The container you receive is a lovely 16 oz product of pure Dead Sea Minerals from Israel.  Also, I should mention its all organic!

The price is reasonable and not even what you would think it's worth. I mean I would have guessed near 50-80 dollars for the size and the amount of benefits you really get from a wonderful mineral.  I did however notice a huge change in the oil production on my face.

Goes on very smoothly!
It's been about a week and I've seen my oil becoming less and less, which is great! I don't have a shiny face by the end of the day or need to wash my face so many times in a week. I don't ever, ever get a red irritated face as I did with one product that made my entire face look like I got sun burn!

This is a wonderful 100% natural, no chemical product! I use it very often and love it every time. I end up with super soft skin and just can't stop admiring it in the mirror.

If your interested into re-hydrating and nourishing mask, than check out VoilaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask here:

Thank you

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