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truMedic TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

Pain Relief FAST!

Everything Included!

Thanks truMedic for the terrific massager that erases the pain!

If you ever deal with muscle aches, pains and stiffness, than a Electronic Tens Unit is what  you need! Thanks to truMedic for creating the TENS Unit Electronic Pulse MassagerIt's exactly what you would get from a doctor with prescription, but now you can treat your pain at home without spending too much to own it!

This machine works with the pulses that you control from the simple use of the buttons. Each button is labeled so you can determine how you want the massage to be. It also allows you the choice of shoulder, waist and joint buttons to allow you to make the choice where your placing the TENS Unit and how it should react on the spot. No more, width and Wave forms like other machines, instead its straightforward and easy to understand. You even have the choice to change the speed as well.

Batteries go into the back and are included!

Esay to assemble!
Attach each part together!
Reusable and very long lasting sticky electrode pads!
The benefits of truMedic's TENS Unit is the ability to help with pain in the muscles maybe after a work out or just something you have normally, for the joints that get stiff or being to ache after over use, and many other conditions. Your also getting a lightweight machine, and its not bulky or a pain to set up! I know my friend who had a Unit and payed a whole lot to get it from the doctor, which now its being stored safely under her bed. I notice with one look that it's a bit complicated and she told me it didn't really do anything for her pain, just a waste of 100's of dollars.  However, I gave her a chance to try truMedics, as I did and she was surprised how easy the product was to use and the pain was reduced immensly!

I really can't thank truMedic's enough for such a wonderful product! My pain as well has decreased, and I've added this machine to my daily treatment after a long work out.

If your interested in having a FAST pain relief and spending less for it, than please take a look at truMedic TENS Electronic Pulse Massager here:

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    Choice of a 20 or 40 pack, they also come with 4 extra bonus each!

These are perfectly made for the truMedic machine! They are perfect for long lasting use and help transfer the maximum charge to your body with comfort. The sticky gel is reusable and lasts a long time, and stays on strong.

Great product!

Thank you

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