Wednesday, August 6

Tidestore Vogue Korean Style Dress

Let Vogue Be Your Inspiration!

I am excited to receive this dress! I am a huge fan of Tidestore and never found a shop that can fit my style and my size. This place is a magnificent, and today I have a wonderful Vogue Korean Style New Summer Split Joint Empire Waist Lace Skirt
in the color pink. However, you can get this Vogue inspired dress in all different colors  that please you.

For me, pink just suits me well! 

The dress is a great bodycon dress, with it snugging all over the body. It allows your curves to be seen at every angle. I find it to be such a flirty and sassy look for anyone who wants to get attention at a party or evening event. However,
I would wear it during the day just because its so pretty.

The top is designed with lovely flowers with a see through black fabric and the main part of course is totally pink!  

I love the accent of the black band around the waist, which makes the dress even more appealing and stunning. I can see why this dress is so popular, and considered a vogue inspiration!

Oh yes I also had to shop for some jewelry, since a girl is nothing without a little sparkle!

I found a pair of Marvelous Purple Rhinestone Golden Alloy Bow knot Earrings. They are a lovely gold color in the shape of a bow and the appealing of purple rhinestones throughout these beauties!

They fit snug into the ear, while shining at the sight of light.

If you want to be stunning and look gorgeous all year long than come check out and make your dreams a reality!

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