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The Mix and Match Guide to Companion Planting

A Helpful Guide To Gardening!

The Mix and Match Guide to Companion Planting
An Easy, Organic Way to Deter Pests, Prevent Disease, Improve Flavor, and Increase Yields in Your Vegetable Garden
by Josie Jeffery

I have always loved planting fresh herbs and flowers and even veggies. However, some do better than others in the sun or shade. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to figure out what to plant and where or how to take care of certain ones, while others are easy. Therefore, The Mix and Match Guide To Companion Planting is a great book that will give you that green thumb you been dreaming of!

Josie Jeffery breaks it down into an easy to understand visual guide that has plenty of color, references for fruits veggies and herbs, and explanation of what each plant will require. The book is done in split pages as well, keeping each plant separate and straight to the point. You will easily be able to locate a plant you want to grow, and understand exactly how to grow or care for it.

It really is a great and attractive guide, makes learning to plant so much fun!  Also, the benefit of how to avoid chemicals to get rid of pests, diseases, and weeds that lurk around our plants while we garden.

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