Wednesday, August 27

TeckNet® C016 USB HD 720P Webcam, 5 MegaPixel, 5G Lens, USB Microphone & 6 LED

TeckNet Webcam!

Thanks to Tecknet for a wonderful product that helps you view the world in high definition. This product I've got today is the TeckNet® C016 USB HD 720P Webcam, 5 Mega Pixel, 5G Lens, USB Microphone & 6 LED. It's really a wonderful camera for your computer. 

You basically can attach it through your USB port, and than get the perfect viewing of 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. It's crystal clear imagery and the sound at the mic picks up all words and noises perfectly. 

Adjustable webcam to move up or down, and side to side.
Can easily mount to a tripod and get it a little more height!

The Tecknet lens is created of 5 layers, and I'm sure that it wouldn't be ruined or breaking anytime soon. Also there are 6 LED Lights are positioned on each side of the webcam, three on each side of the camera.

3 LED lights on each side, total 6.

The beauty of this product is that it just connects automatically through the USB port, no downloading any special extra things to start using this camera. The webcam like most will spot your face with the face tracking ability located in the webcam. You can get great photos and recording from this camera as well as use it as a security camera, while your out.

Its a wonderful product! 

This 720 Webcam by Tecknet supports Windows XP/2000/2003/Vista/Win 7 and Win 8, so you can use this even for your older labtops.

if your interested in a simple, yet excellent webcam, please check it out here: 

Thank you

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