Saturday, August 30

TaoTronics Universal Windshield & Dashboard Car Mount Cradle Holder

Car Mount For Phones!

Never have to worry about getting lost with the Universal Windshield & Dashboard Car Mount Cradle Holder. TaoTronics is a wonderful company for crafting high tech products! This mount works wonders in the car, for anyone who needs to hold their smart phone in place
to get an idea where they need to go, since the phone is the new GPS.  

It is inexpensive, and the most strongest sticking mount I've ever had! I can tell from personal experience that my old GPS mount lasted like a week and than it just fell off and stayed off for years! Now if I ever use it, I have it on the passanger seat. Doesn't really help if you can't see exactly what it's showing to turn or what may be coming up. 

Therefore, when you can get a high quality mount for the dashboard or windshield at a great price, than it's worth the purchase. Not only does it keep you from getting lost, but works as a great way to hear your music, take a video chat and even watch movies when your not driving.

It is a wonderful product, easy to clean and install. If your interested in this product please take a look at it here:

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