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TaoTronics Bar Type Car License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Camera

Backup Camera For Your Car!

Never fear, You now have a chance to see what is going right on behind your vehicle. The
TaoTronics License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Camera works wonderful to getting a great view of what is happening right behind your vehicle. You won't have to worry about hitting any other car because now you'll know who is coming and getting out of their parking spot when you can't see.


I always hated backing out of a parking spot, because I can't see and others also try at the same time making for one big accident. Some are also just super fast going through the parking lot like its a speedway! Therefore, when I had installed this on my car, I noticed everything from the monitor( not included) to see who may be coming or going!

Front view

Side View


I even can use this to try to park my car while backing up into the parking spot! It really is a wonderful product and waterproof, won't get rusted or ruined. The camera is inside an alloy case and at an angle it can give you a perfect clear shot of the back.

Great product, designed to last and is perfect fit for US and Canadian License plates.

If your interested in the Rear View Backup Camera, please take a look at it here:

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