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TaoTronics 12W Led Grow Light

Healthy Growing Plants 
Made Simple!

Thank you TaoTronics for a wonderful plant light!

When you need away to help your household plants and some outdoor plants to grow strong and healthy, than you need a grow light.Thanks to TaoTronics for their excellent TaoTronics12W Led Grow Light, which is a lovely red blue LED light that helps plants grow during those cold, rainy, snowy days and nights.

Many of us live in an apartment and don't have any outdoors space to own a garden or some can't keep all their plants outdoors and need to move them indoors when winter comes. Therefore, the TaoTronics 12W Led Grow Light is there to help provide an alternative sun light to help grow and feed the plants.

With the TaoTronics Led Grow Light your getting:

  • Low Power Consuming Light- won't cause your bill to skyrocket on electricity
  • Long Lasting LED - Will not die anytime soon as a regular bulb would.
  • No Heat Generated - No hot heat will be generated for 17 hours or even longer, when bulb in use. So no fears of fires or killing your plant with TaoTronic LED Glow Light.
  • No Energy Wasted- Unlike some lights like fluorescent bulbs, they will waste energy that the plant can't use and waste you money as well.
  • Two Colors- There are two colors in the bulb for growth.
    • Red- Beneficial for photosynthesis to take place, and perfect for fruit and blooming trees.
    • Blue- The Chlorophyll and Carotenoid need blue for photosynthesis to occur and helps improve leaf and growth faster and better,without chemicals.
  • No Equipment Needed - You just put it into a desk lamp or any household lamp you can use to put directly over a plant. No huge device is needed for this bulb!

It really is an awesome product, imagine tomatoes in fall or winter. Who doesn't enjoy possibly a bonsai plant and giving it some beneficial TLC with this Led Glow Light. How about those herbs, you now can especially grow them in the house and even lettuce.

Just like that air-grow I remember seeing years ago, looked great and huge. However, it was meant for growing seeds in a machine that took up a lot of space and costed way over 100 dollars for a small one. It sounded awesome, but if you can get just the light and use your own lamp, it'll save you room, money since LED lasts long, and time since its easy to install and easy to order. 

Plus the face that this is an easy to prepare and set up product! Nothing complicated or hard to understand, than turn on the light.
I really love this product, and so does my mini herb garden.

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Thank you

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