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ShowerBooster Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker & Handsfree Speaker Phone

Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof  Speaker!

Thank's to a brand known as ShowerBooster for a wonderful product for any shower! The product is a wireless Bluetooth speaker, that won't get damaged with water.

The ShowerBooster Bluetooth Speaker is:

  • Hands-free Speaker- listen to music while showering, on a boat, in a hot tub, Sauna even in the car or anyplace you like!
  • Works With Your Bluetooth MP3 or Phone - listen with any compatible Bluetooth music player or phone
    • Works with your iPhone, iPad, Siri, Android Devices, Samsung, and many more!
  • Range Of 25-33 Feet - allowing you a perfect amount of distance for your device and the speaker.
  • Speaker Phone - You can take and make calls with the ShowerBooster.
  • Rechargeable - no expensive batteries needed, you can recharge and save a lot in the long run with the ShowerBooster! (25 hours of play time)

Protected USB Port and 
controls to play, pause take call

This is a terrific product, that only gives you the perfect crystal clear sound, and the benefit of using it as a speaker for calls and messages makes it even better!

The product is highly rated in my book! I love the way it plays music and the sound is wonderful. I also love that it can be used with multiple media players and phones, that I own. 

It's got everything you need to use, easy to set up and doesn't cost so much for a multipurpose shower speaker!

If you want to rock out to your favorite tunes and be able to answer a call as well, than check this product out here:

Thank you

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