Tuesday, August 26

Sexy Wicked Wildcat Adult Cougar Costume

My Sexy Costume!

Thanks to a company known as Wholesale Costumes Club, a place that knows how to do costumes right! They are providing you with multiple sizes, styles, and costumes for everyone in the family including the pets! They have all the parts you'll need to have a Halloween worth dressing up for. However, for us adults no party is complete without your Sexy Costumes!

My costume choice is the Sexy Wicked Wildcat Adult Cougar Costume. It comes with the adorable slinky keyhole teddy featuring the gauntlet sleeves and a beautiful rhinestone collar with a heart charm. It is totally sexy!

It has everything I need to dress up included! Just add some heels and fish net stockings if I like, and I'm ready to go on a prowl at any party for my manly prey.

Love how the back is opened and the tail is attached on the outfit, so I will never ever misplace it! Love Sexy Costumes!

The fit is perfect and feels so great against the skin! I love the colors and how beautiful this costume really is! It is so detailed to the real true wild cat and comes with everything attached!

These costumes that are offered by Wholesale Costumes Club can make your fantasy style come true! Now all you need is the perfect Halloween for adults party, and your ready to enjoy the evening till midnight!

I always believe you can never go wrong with the right sexy costume, it makes dressing up more pleasurable. Plus, you only have once a year to be whatever you desire! 

Make this year memorable and have your family set with a a costume this Halloween. So come check out the Wholesale Costumes Club and be set for this October! 

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