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Resistance Loop Bands

Strength Training At Home!

Thanks to Phantom Fit for the terrific set of 4 Resistance Loop Bands!

A great workout doesn't have to only be cardio or building muscle, but using Resistance Training to build strength all over the body. Many who work in a Physical Therapy position may use these with their patients and some can easily find these at a gym while training. However, for the rest who love to work out at home, Phantom Fit has got you covered! 

There are actually 4 different types of bands in this pack. The Resistance Loop Bands are made to train you to work harder each time you upgrade to a different band. Each band is a different color and require a different amount of energy to use, making them perfect for building strength. 

The 4 Resistance Loop Bands in order:

  1. Blue/Light = Requires not as much strength during a specific workout, great for beginners.
  2. Red/Medium= Put a bit more effort and help create stronger arms, legs, thighs, etc.
  3. Green/Heavy = You'll need to use more energy exerted with this one
  4. Black/X-heavy = Last and toughest one of the bunch.

However, you don't have to just use one! If you want to make it even harder than X-heavy, try adding that and the Heavy band together. You really can get a great work out with these bands, try putting them on the ankle and try lifting one leg up one side and repeat or even try using your hands to try to stretch them far to each side, it really relies on strength from your muscles to be able too stretch them. Therefore, your training your muscles, and your body to be super strong, which is fun and exciting. Plus if your someone who needs to get back into action after an accident, leaving your body not use to doing a bunch of things. For instance, my mom had surgery on her shoulder, she wasn't able to life things for over a month. The doctor told her to go to physical therapy, that is where she trained with bands each week a new one to rebuild her muscle in that one arm and get it as strong as her other one. At the end of it, she was able to lift things and do so much more.

So yes, experience with the Resistance Loop Bands are excellent, and work wonders for the body. It will create a toned and yet stronger body without becoming overly bulky. I love these bands and the enjoyment of working out in my own home!

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