Friday, August 29, 2014

No Static Big Size Round Handle Buffalo Horn Fine Tooth Comb

A High Quality Comb That 
Won't Snag Hair!

Thank you Breezelike for a magnificent comb!

The Breezelike No Static Big Size Round Handle Black Buffalo Horn Fine Tooth Comb is a perfect hair tool for combing and keep your scalp and hair healthy and tangle free. The Black Buffalo Horn is a high quality and natural product that is made to last long and be used to help provide your hair with a easier, static free way to comb and circulate blood to the scalp. 

The comb is made closer together and uses thinner teeth to provide you safe tangle free combing and with Buffalo Horn your not going to get any snagging or tangles to get trapped and cause you to lose hair. Every tooth is even smooth and not your typical plastic where it's easy to bend or get caught into your hair, but with the Buffalo Horn Tooth Comb you can glide easily and provide your hairs essential oils and other products throughout the hair.

The comb's a perfect fit for me, easy to care for and massages like a dream! I feel using this comb every day to be a pleasure! It is even providing natural proteins in the material of the Buffalo Horn Comb, that it could help stop and prevent hair loss. 

This is such a wonderful comb, sleek in black, and makes even a great gift for any family member. Now I can grow my hair long and not worry about breakage thanks to Breezelike No Static Big Size Round Handle Black Buffalo Horn Fine Tooth Comb!

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