Monday, August 11

MagicFly Pro Mini

Positive and Negative Ions For The Face!

Thank you evoTouch for the magnificent beauty tool!

The beauty of being a female is all the great new gadgets that we can use to stay young! Today, I have for you the MagicFly Pro Mini Potable Galvanic Positive Negative Ions Face Lifting Beauty Device. This wonderful tool is something I've not seen or found easily in any store! It actually caught my eye and made me curious how these ions would benefit on the face. 

The MagicFly Pro provides you with a few key benefits, they are:
  • Eliminates excess fat around the face
  • Tightens the skin cells and brings back elasticity
  • Balance secretion from the pores
  • Shrink the pores on your face
  • Create better circulation

So many facial perks come included with this product, which only provide us with healthy, youthful and glowing faces! The skin can really take benefit for those who also deal with red marks, poor circulation, huge pores, and a bunch more. The MagicFly will be your portable device to create a smooth, small pore, wrinkle free, healthy and beautiful face every time. 

I notice the benefits right away! Have you ever had a massage and felt so much better afterwards? Well this product does just that, it takes your face and helps circulate the blood flow evenly. This calls for the skin to get rid of those fat cells underneath and strengthen the muscle cells, allowing for tight and youthful skin to appear. You will feel a soothing relief with the first use, that actually is quite nice. The skin will begin to glow and your face will bounce back like it did before you got older.  It really does bring your youth back and transform your face naturally without chemically filled beauty products. 

However, this tool can work wonders with your beauty aids. The MagicFly can help create a window on your face to allow for it to absorb the product you use better, such as a serum or moisturizer. I think you will love this product, and trust me it's totally different than anything you've seen or heard of before.  This will amaze you
and won't even recognize yourself after a few uses of this product!

The buttons are on one side, providing you with two modes. The two modes are the positive and negative electrodes that will benefit the skin in different ways. 

The negative electrode button will allow for your skin to become better circulated and will train your skin to decrease out the heavy metals lying beneath and increase the ability to absorb and provide nutrition around the entire face.

The positive electrode button will give your skin the ability to minimize pores, reduce the irritation and red marks that occur on parts of your skin, and allow the skin to build a stronger and firmer barrier keeping your skin protected from toxins and keep it tight and firm.

The top is what will be used on the skin and giving off those Positive and Negative Ions that will provide us with the desired results we all want, youthful skin!

You easily move it up and down slowly allowing it to work its way into the skin cells. Almost as a massage, sending pulses into the skin to wake up those cells and eliminate the excess fat around them.

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