Aug 15, 2014

Magicfly Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush 4-in-1 SPA Cleansing System, Waterproof and Cordless

Battery Powered 
Face and Body Brush!

Thanks to the new and excellent product by Magicfly, as they came out with a powered brush called the Magicfly Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush 4-in-1 SPA Cleansing System. This is a handheld powered brush that sweeps away dirt, oil, and dead skin right off the body! It is portable and comes with 4 different attachments, used to give you a deep cleaning and removing of dead skin cells and dirt.  

The brush works with the rotation of the top head, which can be changed with any of the 4 attachments. You can really get deep into your skin and even remove those hard to scrub caluses on your feet!  

It also can be used in the shower because it's waterproof and cordless, making it perfect also for travel!

The Magicfly Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush Cleansing System comes with:

  • Instructions
  • Cleansing System
  • 4 reusable applicators

    1. Pumice Stone - Works deep into the skin removing calluses and very dry skin.
    2. Small Brush - Fits perfectly around the nose and chin, getting deep into your pores and removing the oil and dirt.
    3. Large Brush - Works wonders all over the body, cleaning it of dead dry skin.
    4. Face Sponge - Is a soft brush applicator, that polishes your face smooth.

On and off button on the handle

I usually find that this Magicfly Face and Body Ultra Clean Brush to be just the right amount of power for a great clean. I know from a few other powered brushes I've tried, that they don't last long on a single charge and don't even have as much power

to give you that really clean feeling that the Magicfly can.  Most are a small pulse feeling that doesn't really feel any different than a light scrub with a facial cleanser. However, the Magicfly gave me a deep clean feeling, it actually removed dirt that washing with no other brush ever did! I thinkfor the price it even a better choice than getting that expensive clarisonic. 

I do believe if you spend a little more on something good than you'll have a great product forever. However, the Magicfly at a low price is just as good as those retail brand name brushes and doesn't require you to charge it up, doesn't take up space on your counter, keeps your face smooth and clean, and it is for the entire body without being a complicated device to use!

I think if your interested in saving some money and buying a powerful tool like the Magicfly Face and Brush Cleansing System, than check it out here:

Thank You 

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