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Kohree Wireless LED Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor Light, Wall/garden Lamp

Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor Light!

Thanks to Kohree for this new light that will give your house the power to see anything at night, without using electricity!  The product is called the 
Kohree Wireless LED Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor Light and can be used on the side of your garden or even your wall. The lamp works by solar power,
so your not going to have to attach any wires, or be near any outlet to turn this lamp on. Instead the sunlight will shine on top of the solar panel and at night you'll be receiving a fully charged LED Solar Powered Security Motion Sensor Light. 
Everything you need comes with this Solar Lamp!
Instructions included and very easy to understand!

Here is what you will get when using the Kohree Wireless LED Solar Security Light:

  • No Batteries, No Cables, Easy To Fit
  • Great Working Sensor
  • Rechargeable By Sunlight
  • Provides 12 Hours Of Light Power
  • Waterproof and Heatproof 
  • Durable and High Quality Light 

The LED is already known and can be seen as a stronger light than any light bulb. It won't blow out after a few uses and will last a way lot longer. This is an Eco friendly product, long lasting, and helpful to anyone with a house or garden. At night you can see what is going on outdoors, or who may be outside. For those who don't have any way to plug things in, this would be great for them as well. You can easily install it to a wall and have light all night long after a days worth of sunlight.

The Motion Sensor Solar Lamp!

Solar panel located on top, allowing the sun to easily charge the light!

Screws included to attach outdoors!

The long lasting Kohree Wireless LED Solar Lamp is worth the cost, which isn't much at all and saves you a whole lot more in buying light bulbs for your other sensor lights. It has two levels of brightness, dim and bright so it isn't using the high light when powered on all night. The ABS Plastic is durable and strong and won't break after a storm hits, so your not only getting a great light but something that will stay longer on your home, than you may be living at your residence. It really will last a long long time, and save you so much!

The placements are endless, and it works wonders as a security light! I really love this Kohree product, and love saving money as well!

If your interested in this Outdoor LED Solar Motion Lamp, than come take a look at it here:

Thank You 

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