Friday, August 15

Kohree Battery Powered Motion Sensing Energy-efficient LED Stick Anywhere Night Light, White

Never Be Without Light!

Front with the sensor right on the bottom.

Thank you Kohree for a wonderful night light!

This little Battery Powered Motion LED Light is a terrific product for anyone who wants to see in the dark! It has a sensor that comes on when your near it as many lights do that plug into an outlet. However, the Battery Powered LED Light by Kohree is just that battery powered and doesn't need any outlet. So you can take it in any room, any spot and have light! 

Arrives in a bubble wrap, safe and protected!

The LED is super bright and allows for you to have a great amount of light for whatever your doing!  The other perk of this product is that it has a sticky back, which allows you to apply it anyplace. You can stick it up on a wall, under a shelf, or anyplace you like outdoors or indoors.


Screws Included!
You also have everything you need to use the product, just add the batteries and your ready to light any room up!

I love how easy this product is to install and how wonderful the light range is, 10 square feet. You really get a great amount of power from LED and a long lasting, Energy saving light for any room. No more dark hallways or basements because you can purchase a bunch of these and illuminate your entire house, where it never was lit up before.

If your interested in this product by Kohree, please check it out here:

Thank You 

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