Monday, August 25

Kohree 2 Pack of LED Flameless Color Changing Pillar Candles with Remote Timer

LED Flameless Color Changing
Pillar Candles! 

The Kohree 2 Pack LED Flameless Color Changing Pillar Candles with Remote Timer are wonderful in the home and even if you want to bring them out during a party. They really light up the night! I have actually in the past bought a pair in the past that don't live up to the look and beauty of the Kohree LED Flameless Changing Pillar Candles.

The colors are endless and a joy to watch as you can change them by the remote and even watch them gradually change. The candles themselves don't' have any odor or will ever become overheated, which is a great thing. Plus who doesn't love candles, and for those who can't enjoy lighting a real candle in case of fire fears or other reasons, than this is a perfect gift and product to own.It really has the illusion of a candle melted slightly and the two sizes are perfect together as a pair in any room!

Your able to use these for holidays, and any special occasion or just as an evening night light and decoration. The opportunities to turn on these candles are endless and they provide so much joy and beauty to the atmosphere as well! These Flameless Candles will brighten anyone's home, office, banquet, or any place you want to place them look stunning.

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