Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Innowatt 6000mAh High Capacity External Battery Pack Power Bank

Extra Power On The Go!

Thanks to Innowatt for an excellent power bank!

Today, I have for you a power bank by Innowatt. This brand is called the Innowatt 6000mAh High Capacity External Battery Power Bank, and it is compatible with so many smart phones as well as tablets. You can never go wrong with an external battery, since they help keep us charged and going without connecting to a computer or outlet. Just think about how much use you will get with one of these power banks.

You can use it just about anyplace. No matter the distance or location, you'll be able to charge at a faster speed with the 6000mAh capacity. Most external batteries don't even reach 6000mAh, but when you are using an Innowatt External Battery Power Bank your guaranteed higher charging speed for more phone brands and tablets. 
The two ports for charging your products., and  the power button in the corner.

There are two ports on the Power Bank. One port has a 1.0 amp, while the other is a 2.1 amp, giving you a total of 3.1 amps of total output for your devices.  
Here is a list of what phones/tablets are compatible with the Innowatt Power Bank:

  • Apple - iPhone 5/5S/5C, 4/4S, iPad 2/3/4 mini 2, iPod Nano, Touch 4,5 (Lightning and 30-pin cables not included)
  • Samsung - Galaxy S5 ,S4 ,S3 ,S2 ,Galaxy Note 3/2
  • Google - Nexus 4, 7 & 7FHD, 10
  • HTC - One M7, M4, EVO 4G, Thunderbolt, Incredible, Droid DNA
  • Motorola - Atrix, Droid, Moto X
  • Sony - Xperia series
  • Nokia - Lumia series
  • LG - Optimus series
Now to charge the Innowatt External Battery, you'll need to just plug it into a USB charger like a computer. That's all you need to do before having unlimited power wherever you go, and always best after every use of the external battery is to make sure to recharge it so your never without extra battery life. It than will hold that charge and can be used to charge two products at once with each USB ports.
Charging in a computer's USB port. The lights will slowly light up in each
circle, to show charging!

The Innowatt also provides protection against any over heating, over charging, or short circuiting. You will have a reliable, fast, and safe product in the palm of your hands! 

It really is a lifesaver, here are a few reasons why:

  1. Horrible Stormy Weathers - powers out and no way to charge your phones to get a call out- Innowatt will help!
  2. Outside The House - not near any USB port to charge your device - Innowatt can give you power instantly any place!
  3. Car Broke Down - no way to charge your phone to call for emergency - Innowatt will give you enough battery power to call for help no matter the location you get stuck at!
  4. And So Many More!

However you decide to use the Innowatt External Battery, you'll always know to have that extra battery ready for you when ever you need it!
Easy to grab and hold in your hands!
Smaller than a pen!
Easy to understand!

I am so happy to have had a chance to use this product and feel it to be the best thing anyone could have in their houses or as a gift. It really can save your life, and support you with advantages that most of us don't have when we can't charge our battery to capture a moment with camera on the phone, to make those extra calls when we have no power, or even sell emails and photos to friends when we can't reach a computer to do so.

If your interested, than please take a look at the Innowatt External Battery Charger here:

Thank you

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