Thursday, August 21

Fotga Extendable Self-portrait Handheld Telescopic Monopod Holder for Camera Camcorder

Take A Self-Portrait Whenever And Wherever!

Thank you FOTGA for a wonderful extender!

Now you can really be part of your photo, with the Fotga Telescopic Monopod Holder. It's really one of a kind! This product can catch a photo of yourself from a distance and  anyone else you would love to be in the picture.

The Fotga Extendable Self-portrait Handheld Telescopic Monopod Holder fits any type of compact camera.  It's light weight, and doesn't take much energy to use!

Many of us love taking photos with the entire family, group of friends, and many other occasions. However, we also enjoy being in the moment as well! Therefore, the Fotga Telescopic Monopod is perfect for giving you the right distance, and image of you and whom ever else may be in that photo with you.  You can really get a great view of the location you may be near or at, and still be in the shot!
Small turning wheel to move the camera  any direction!

Long Telescopic Reach!

What your getting with this Fotga Extendable Telescopic Monopod:
  • High quality equipment - won't break or bend with your many uses.
  • Captures everything- you can really get a shot of everything in the photo.
  • Rotates and ability to extend -  You are in charge of extending it to 20cm all the way to 97cm, and it rotates a full 180 degrees. 
  • Phones- You can actually attach a phone holder and use your smart phone or cell to take photos with as well.
  • Strap - allows you to hold it and take anyplace you need.
  • Photo or video- you have a choice to capture the moment in either photo or video.

It really is an awesome product, and different than a traditional tripod. Instead, your the one holding this monopod and you are able to be a part of any family, fun, or exciting moment as well!
Shoot from a distance and capture yourself in the moment!

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