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Exfolimate face and body exfoliation

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Reveal Your Beautiful Skin!

Thank you Exfolimate Brands for the wonderful exfoliation tool!

If you ever had a problem with dull, patchy skin that doesn't seem to glow or absorb any lotion properly. Maybe you've noticed your skin peeling or becoming super dry in certain areas. Well today I have for you an excellent product for revealing your beautiful skin, the glowing skin that lives underneath the dead skin. This product is called the Exfolimate, for face and body skin. 

The Exfolimate is a product that goes deep into the surface of your top skin layer and removes that dead and hard to remove dirt and oil that is above. The Exfolimate is a wonderful tool to give you dramatic results! It has been known to improve your skin's tone and texture, while minimizing the pores. I love the idea of smaller pores since my T-zone area has many large pores, especially around my nose. Then I can use it to even scrub those dead layers I have trouble removing in the shower alone with a sponge. 
The Face Exfolimate

The Body Exfolimate

The box of Exfolimate comes with two pieces, so you can keep them for different parts of the body. Allowing, the larger one to be your body exfoliator and the smaller one for the face.  I love that it's reusable and will last along time! The small crevices are hard to reach on anyone's face, but with the small Exfolimate
you can easily get around your nose, chin, forehead, and much more with ease. The nasty dirt and grime that comes off is amazing, even the fact there is no product in use!  The larger Exfolimate is perfect for the entire body, with the larger areas. The legs can now glow and so can the arms with Exfolimate. 
It's always better to exfoliate because you can reveal youthful healthy skin underneath, and your able to absorb lotions, spray-tan, and other products even better.

Here is what Exfolimate will give you:

  • Smooth and soft skin- no more dry or dirty patches.
  • Even texture and tone - no more very oily or dark to light patches around the body.
  • Increase absorption to your favorite lotions and serums - allows the glowing skin underneath the dead skin to absorb what your putting on it, rather than lying on top of your skin.
  • Safe for all types of skin- everyone can use this product!
  • Youthful skin forever- you will no longer struggle with dry, oily and wrinkly skin because the product will keep revealing the fresh young skin underneath and remove the dirty dead skin that is keeping you from looking great!

Strong and reusable!

You should understand that even if your using all those nice beauty products like serums, lotions, pure oils and a bunch more, your not really doing anything for your skin if its lying on dead skin. The product won't be absorbing properly keeping your skin from ever really getting the results your looking forward too. Instead, of struggling to remove that dead layer, or the oily and dirty parts that don't seem to go away, just get the Exfolimate and exfoliate your skin to better health!  You could even think of it as a snake is always in need of shedding, therefore with the Exfolimate your going to shed that dead layer and reveal the bright and youthful skin beneath. Also to note, as we age it does get harder to naturally drop dead skin, so with the Exfolimate we are actually able to remove it all off and never have to deal with gross dead skin left behind!
Provides a nice deep exfoliation!

I am just so glad to have tried this product, It really is more valuable than using a sponge, skin soap with scrubbing beads, and other products that just remove only a little dead skin off. I really see a huge difference after one use, and plan on using this often!

If your interested in revealing youthful skin, than please take a look at this product here:

Thank You 

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